Our Fishes & Corals

Freshwater Fishes

Fish World has one of the widest varieties of healthy freshwater fish in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer galaxiids, blackfish, pygmy perch, smelt, gudgeons, smelt, grayling, golden perch, catfish and 100 more species for your marine aquarium.

Exotic Fishes

Apart from 100 different species of fishes in Melbourne, we also have an exclusive range of exotic fishes such roach, Redfin, crap, brown and rainbow trout, which are perfect for home aquariums.

Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium

Our Corals Collection

Large Polyp Stony (LPS) Corals are large and have big fleshy polyps. Brain Corals, Hammer Coral, and Torch corals are some of renowned LPS Corals.

LPS Hard Corals

Small-Polyp Stony Corals are more advanced coral that looks super-amazing in your small home-based marine aquarium. We offer Acro, Monti, Stylo, Horn Coral, Cactus and cats paw corals.

SPS Hard Corals

We offer a range of soft corals with the purple colour that can enhance the look and feel of your home aquarium.

Soft Corals

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