Our Diverse Range of Aquarium Fishes

We, at Fish World, endeavour to offer you the widespread species of fishes for your aquarium. We have both the freshwater as well as saltwater (marine) fishes that can easily be found in Flemington, Carlton, Docklands, Kingenstein, City of Yarra, Clifton Hill, and other inner and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Colourful Corals & Local Marine Invertebrates

Beautiful and colourful corals have the potential to bring life to a fish tank. We, at Fish World, help you choose the ideal type of corals at the best price. Our corals' collection is divided into two different categories: soft corals and hard corals. Soft corals are made up of rigid calcium carbonate, which is combined with protein. This type of coral needs extra care. We also offer hard corals that resemble rocks or limestone. From Flower Pot Coral to Open Brain Coral, Alveopora Gigas to Trikentrion flagelliform Spider sponge, we sell the best quality of corals for your aquarium in Melbourne.

Our Aquarium Services

Our Cutting-edge Equipment

Eshopps Protein Skimmers

Eshopps Protein Skimmers

High-end protein skimmers equipment such as S-120 S-Series Premier Line and S-300 S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers incorporate quality features and specifications such as bubble plate, needle wheel impeller and slant neck that removes the dissolved protein and other organic wastes from your aquarium in a breeze.

Aquarium Thermometers

Aquarium Thermometers

From digital to floating to stick on, we have all types of aquarium thermometers that can help in monitoring the temperature of your aquarium. We use this tool to maintain a consistent temperature for your fishes and other marine life. We keep a check on the health of your fishes so that you know they are always healthy and are surviving well in the aquarium.

Water Test Kits

Water Test Kits

Using an array of testing kits to test the level of ammonia, phosphate, PH, nitrite, and calcium in the water. All the test kits we use can quickly check the aquarium’s water quality and provides maximum protection against chemicals and harmful wastes. They are safe for both the fresh and salt water.

Fishes Bring Luck and Charm to Life!

We, at Fish World, provide the largest specimen of local fishes and marine of Melbourne, covering all the local suburbs, such as South Wharf, Burnley, Middle Park, Albert Part, etc. We are proud to have 100+ holding tanks. So, dig into our vast range of aquarium fishes: Freshwater and saltwater that you can purchase depending on your needs. We offer both the cold water fishes, suitable for cold water aquariums and tropical fish that need heated water.

Our store has hundreds of species of fishes, and it could become hard to choose the best one for your aquarium. Our experts will assist you in finding the most suitable and healthiest marine for your home or office aquarium. Furthermore, we have a team of professionals who will help you with aquarium installation, cleaning, and maintenance services. Hence, we are a one stop destination for your entire marine and aquarium requirements. So, come to us and unleash the Melbourne’s most selling fishes and corals for your little pond or an aquarium. We will make sure you get the best range of aquariums filled with the fishes of your choice so that you can have these beautiful fishes swimming around.

Our Corals Collection

We offer a diverse range of beautiful Corals to enhance the look and feel of your marine Aquarium. They can add grace to the aquariums in your home or office. The Corals you get from us are healthy, vibrant, alive, and thriving.

You can buy Acropora Sp Acropora, Cyphastrea ocellina Ocellated Coral, Fungia Sp. Fungia, Lobophyllia Sp. Lobophyllia, Tubastrea faulkneri Sunshine Coral and a lot more.

Our range of Corals is extensive and extremely beautiful. You can visit our store and pick up your favourite ones.

Our Customer Testimonials

Jennie Gibson

Jennie Gibson

East Melbourne

The quality and standard of local fish and coral in Fish World is outstanding. My kids loved the aquarium, and the fishes are very lively and beautiful. I really appreciate your work!

James Berry

James Berry

Cremorne, Melbourne

I found the best fish aquarium ever from Fish World. The staff are super-enthusiastic and have plenty of knowledge related to the Melbourne Local fishes and marine life. They have a wide array of equipment, fish and corals. Thanks for fulfilling my customised aquarium needs.

Jacob Tran

Jacob Tran

Bundoora, Melbourne

This is one of the best aquarium stores around Melbourne, Victoria. I visited the store last month and bought a fish tank along with freshwater fishes and beautiful corals at the most reasonable price.

Alley Watson

Alley Watson

St Kilda East, Melbourne

I have been buying fishes and corals only from Fish World. They have a huge array of a fish specimen that is beautiful, healthy and full of life. Thanks for being our assisting us!

Our Marine Fishes for Aquariums


These are tropical freshwater fishes suitable for your small aquarium. They are livebearing (gives birth to offspring). Swordtails are known for their bright orange colours and pointy tails. They grow up to 4.5 inches in size.


This little fish is suitable for tropical marine aquarium. These fishes are best known for being featured in the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and kids love them. Clownfishes can grow up to 4 inches in size.


Beautiful and lively freshwater fish can enhance the beauty of your aquarium. They are easy to care and ideal for new as well as old owners of aquatic pet. Guppies vary in size and are known for their different tail shapes.


A green-blue with a yellow strip wrasse looks very colourful and vibrant. They are diurnal fish i.e., they are active during the day. Depending on their species, wrasses can grow from 4 to 98 inches in size.

Our Quality Aquariums

  • Aqua One Fish Tanks
    These are leading the aquatics and aquarium market across Australia. From beginners to pro fish keepers, this type of tank is suitable for everyone.
  • Aqua One AquaReef 290
    A super-amazing aquarium with a delicate marine system that has been created to ensure your marine step will run without affecting the quality of water.
  • Aquatopia Deluxe Betta Home
    A small yet stylish aquarium with tons of features including water conditioner, decorative water plants and colourful Betta Crystals.
  • Petworx 2-Bay Fighter Tank 1.5L
    It is a curved fighter tank made of high-quality plastic. It has a double divider and plastic plants.
  • Spacious Fish Aquarium
    4ft*18” *297lt aquarium best for 9 to 12 fishes along with marine plants and corals. There are two heaters, lighting feature and auto feeder system.
  • Red Sea Aquariums
    Offering a beautiful and luxurious red sea fish tanks that incorporate a contemporary, ultra-clear glass and rimless aquarium with a stylish cabinet.

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