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About Our Fish World

With over 100 holding tanks in our shop, we carry the most diverse array of marine and freshwater fish, corals, plants and other aquarium reptiles of Melbourne, Victoria. For more than a decade, we have been serving our customer base with the finest quality of fishes and other aquarium services at the reasonable price. We strive on offering anything from a goldfish to freshwater & coldwater fishes as you desire.

We, at Fish World, has a team of experienced staff who have researched on local fish and marine life and can help you find the best and most suitable fish and plants for your aquarium. We also have a group of professionals who can provide you aquarium cleaning and maintenance services as per your tailored requirements.

From fish and coral selection to aquarium installation, maintenance service to relocation, we offer everything to bring the luck of fishes to your house or office. You don’t need to worry about the marine environment of your aquarium, because we use the high-quality of equipment and test kits to remove harmful wastes and purify the water to ensure your fishes are living the best life ever.

Our Bespoke Services

Top-class Aquarium Maintenance Service

Top-class Aquarium Maintenance Service

From installation to relocation, we do everything.
Local Fishes of Melbourne

Local Fishes of Melbourne

Both Freshwater and Marine Fishes
Fish Tanks & Aquariums

Fish Tanks & Aquariums

All types, sizes and styles of tanks
Bright and lively Corals & Plants

Bright and lively Corals & Plants

Colourful corals for your aquarium


Quality Assurance 90%
Reliable 87%
Customer Support 80%
Professional 99%

High-Quality Fish Tanks & Heaters

  • Big Fish tank
    Auto fish feeder, 2000L/ hour filter, 2 big heaters. It is spacious and includes 2 lights. Perfect for 12 to 18 fishes and other marine creatures for your home aquariums.
  • Cube Acrylic Aquarium
    It looks innovative, spacious and incorporates enclosed cabinet. Its rimless designing makes cube acrylic one of the most suitable fish tanks for houses and offices.
  • LED-fish Tank
    Feel the sense of peace and enjoy the tranquillity of marine life by setting up this LED-fish tank that includes LED light, gravel filter, and 1 heater.
  • Tropical Fish Aquarium
    Tropical Fish Aquarium is suitable for 10 to 12 fishes and corals. It features an automatic fish feeder, 2 heater and 2 lights. You can buy this from our store at competitive price.
  • Shallow Reef Aquarium
    Full-sized, minimalistic design, spacious interiors, and ultra thick polished glass are some of its key features. You can experience the real happiness when you set up this aquarium.
  • Aqua One Heater Protector
    Aqua One Heater Protector is a great tool that provides an extra layer of protection against heat. You should buy this if you want to protect your aquarium’s glass from heat.

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