Types of Goldfish To Beautify Your Home Aquarium

February 12, 2024

Types of Goldfish To Beautify Your Home Aquarium

Are you planning to set up a beautiful aquarium at home in Melbourne? When it comes to keeping fish, goldfish is preferably the most popular species among buyers. The shiny gold colour, peaceful and beautiful design makes goldfish as one of the most desirable fish species to keep at home.

If you have an aquarium and want to add fish, than this can be an ideal choice for you. These are beautiful amalgamation of shiny colours, beautiful fins and smooth swimming. The best part is that they are super easy to maintain and that’s why considered as one of the most selling fishes in the world.

So, here are different types of goldfish that can you consider before making the final decision. Make sure you take extra care of your pet fish and keep them healthy.

Types of Gold Fish

These come in a variety of sizes, colours, body shapes, and patterns. So, here are some of the most popular types you can keep as pet in your home aquarium.

1. Common Goldfish

These are slim, shiny type that come with a single tail. These are one of the most affordable goldfish and common in home aquariums. The common goldfish can live 10-16 years if you take care of them properly. These have metallic scales that can be orange, red, black, white, grey and yellow. The best part is that they can survive in aquariums and ponds, even with poor water quality.

2. Shubunkin

This is also slim-bodied and single-tailed goldfish that are available in Melbourne and other parts of Australia. Shubunkin are beautiful because of black, white, blue and orange spots on their body.

3. Comet Goldfish

These have slimmer body than common goldfish and shubunkin. But they come with a long and sharp tail. The comet is smaller in size but meant for home aquariums and ponds.

However, you can’t overlook the beauty of their metallic scales along with a combination of white, yellow and orange spots.

4. Jikin Goldfish

These are also known as peacock goldfish. Jikin usually have a shoulder hump and a long and thin tail. However, it is less hardy and need a heater. You can buy different colours of Jikin Gold fish and make sure you maintain the temperature of your aquarium to keep this type of goldfish happy and healthy.

5. Rayukin Goldfish

You will love the egg-shaped body, bigger head and vibrant orange colour of Rayukin. Do you know that the growth of shoulder hump can be boosted with proper diet and water quality? If you want a taller fish in your home aquarium with fancy fins, this can be an ideal option for you. They have beautiful metallic scales that come in red, chocolate and white colours.

6. Watonai

This is a hybrid of Wakin and Comet goldfish. It comes with a long tail and has metallic scales. Watonai comes in wide range of colours, including calico, yellow, and red. It can be an ideal choice for your freshwater aquarium in Melbourne.

7. Bubble Eye Gold Fish

It is one of the most unique type of goldfish that has an upward-facing eyes and the fluid-filled sacs. However, bubble eye gold fish needs special care and regular check-ups. Make sure you install a heater and feed them on regular intervals.


These are some of the most common types of goldfish that will beautify your home aquarium in Melbourne. Make sure you buy different types of fish and corals in Melbourne from the best sellers and get peace of mind.

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