How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium at Home?

February 27, 2024

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium at Home?

Setting up a freshwater aquarium is an ideal way to keep nature close to your hectic and boring life. Colourful and beautiful fishes and corals can make your day. A well-maintained aquarium can also enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

However, the installation process can be intimidating for many people due to the lack of knowledge. So here is a complete guide that will help you set up a freshwater aquarium at home like a pro. You can watch your fishes swim every day and get positive vibes from them.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Choose the Right Fish Tank

There are multiple factors to consider when determining the right type of aquarium for your home. These include the available space you have for the fish tank, species of fish you will need and how long they grow in size.

Do a proper research and select a tank that will accommodate all without a hint of stress. Make sure the tank is big enough to hold water because every fish need enough space for breathing and producing waste. Also, remember that corals and other decorations add only space. So, choose the tank wisely.

2. Invest in a Quality Stand

Fish aquariums that hold around 20 gallons or more of water will need a sturdy stand. So, look for the one that is designed for the shape and dimensions of your fish tank.

You can also opt for a customised stand that can hold the weight of the tank without any pressure.

3. Finalise the Location

Believe it or not! Choosing the right location in a home is crucial for the health of your fish. Make sure you buy best fish in Melbourne from a reliable seller and look for different variety to make your aquarium more vibrant and lively.

Select a place where the temperature is consistent with mild lighting. The living room is considered to be the place to set up your fish aquarium.

Excessive sunlight can cause algae growth and affect the health of your fishes.

4. Install the Filter and Gravel

You can choose the under-gravel or power filters that hang on your tank’s back. Investing in Whisper and Penguin power filters offer mechanical and biological filtration is super easy to use and clean.

It is good to choose a power filter that can circulate enough water depending on the size of your tank.

5. Use Gravel to Fill the Bottom

Add around 2-3 inches of the tank with gravel to keep your fishes healthy and ensure proper orientation of fishes in the water.


6. Set up Plants and Decors

If you want to make your freshwater aquarium more enchanting and lively for fishes, set up marine plants, small corals and decorations. Be minimalist to achieve desired results.


7. Add water to your Aquarium

Make sure you prepare water before adding it into the aquarium. Avoid using tap water  without conditioning. It is because local water supplier adds chemicals such as low levels of chlorine to maintain drinking standards, but these levels can cause damage to your fishes.

You can easily control the water temperature by a thermometer and heater in the aquarium. Also, have a proper freshwater test kit to test your water at home in Melbourne.

Now, you are ready to add your choice of fishes into your home aquarium. Be gentle and keep a close eye on their health.


These are some of the important tricks to help set up a freshwater aquarium at home in Melbourne with ease.

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