How To Move An Aquarium Safely

Moving is a stressful time for everyone involved, and it can become even more challenging when pets are involved especially the ones that live underwater. Relocating to a new home can seem daunting with an aquarium because its biological balance gets disrupted and fishes are at risk of perishing. For people planning to move internationally or to a far off location, it is best to rehabilitate the aquatic creatures and set up a new aquarium at their new property.

However, not all hope is lost for marine life lovers because according to expert removalists in Brisbane, moving aquatic organisms also called translocation is possible if your new property is nearby or a few hours away. It can be managed by planning correctly, arranging the right supplies, getting rid of sentimental clutter and ensuring you can set up the new aquarium immediately upon arrival. Mentioned below are steps to move an aquarium safely in Brisbane.

Arrange adequate supplies

Aquariums cannot be unplugged and moved as whole units contrary to common misconceptions. They need to be dismantled with the correct tools to avoid distressing the marine organism and plants. The list of things required for translocation is:

  • Right-sized plastic bags and buckets/containers with lids to store fishes and plants
  • High strength packing or duct tape to seal containers
  • Fishnets, siphon hose, colanders, and wire strainers
  • Battery air-pumps and wet/dry vacuum
  • Traps to protect floors
  • Bubble wraps and fluffy blankets

Managing the move

If you are unsure about moving the aquatic creatures in your aquarium, using a removalist in Brisbane with the resources, tools, and knowledge for translocation is the best option. Removalists can assess and move the tank, creatures, decorations, and original water with ease and set up the aquarium at the new place without disturbing the biological balance. However, listed below are the steps by experts in Brisbane to complete the translocation the process if you wish to DIY manage the move.

  • Plan to extract fishes and the water of the tank two-three days before the moving day
  • Take out fishes and place them in plastic bags or containers with the original water from the tank. Keep 25% of the tops of the bags and container filled with air
  • In a 5 gallon bucket take out the original water from the aquarium using a siphon because it is required to use at least 75-80 of the original water hen setting up the aquarium at a new location
  • Don’t feed the fishes 24 hours before the moving day
  • Take out the accessories and decorations. Dry them (except the filter) and pack with proper labelling
  • Place the sand, pebbles, stones or other mineral material in seal tight containers
  • Clean the glass tank and wipe it dry before packing in bubble wrap and blankets. You can also place foam boards to protect the water tank from breaking and scratches
  • Make sure to label all the containers and plastic bags to know the contents
  • If possible, take the assistance of friends or family member to help pack and label everything
  • Load everything on the moving truck

Set up the aquarium at the new home

After belongings and the marine organising reach the new home, assemble the aquarium as soon as possible. Unpack everything and check for damage. If the tank and all the other components are safe, start putting things back in the same order you took them out. Wait for a few hours before turning on the heater and pump after carefully putting the parts and organism safely inside. Keep tabs on the fishes to see if they are good health and their ecosystem wasn’t disrupted too much. After everything is settled, go back to your usual feeding routine. A word of caution by reputed removalists in Brisbane is not to move the aquarium when the outside temperature is too hot or cold.

If unfortunately your fishes become sick or don’t survive the journey, don’t lose hope. Visit the nearest marine parks to get to know about how to care for marine creatures from experts. Also, visit an animal store to get new pets and set up an aquarium again.


To successfully move your fishes and their habitat, ensure you plan ahead and if required, take the assistance of reputed removalists in Brisbane. Follow the steps mentioned above to ensure your beloved fishes come with you to the new home safely.

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