How to Find the Right Fish Food?

January 27, 2024

How to Find the Right Fish Food?

Are you new to keeping fish as pet at home in Melbourne? It can be difficult to decide the right type and quantity of food to keep your beautiful fish healthy and happy.

It is important to know the specific diet of each fish as per their natural habitat. So, you can do proper research and find of the categories of your fish so that you can feed them without a hint of stress. This will save them for longer time.

So, here is a complete guide to help decide the right type of nutrition and vitamin for your fish when they are in your home aquarium.

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Different Categories of Fish:

1. Carnivores

These are meat-eaters and thus need high-protein diet in the form of dead and live meat. This also means these won’t digest carbohydrates in their diet. That’s why carnivores fish are not ideal for home aquariums as they can eat all other fish and live plants.

2. Herbivores

Herbivores, such as catfish, silver dollars, molly fish, etc are plant eater. They eat plants and algae that have high percentage of fibre, which is difficult to digest. You can also feed broccoli, peas, lettuce, zucchini and dried fish food.

3. Omnivores

Omnivores are Goldfish, Silver Tanks, Livebearers, etc that get the best of meat and plant. Believe it or not, these are easiest fish to keep at home. You can feed them without any stress.

Different Types of Fish food

Here are some of the common types of fish food you can include and keep your fish healthy and happy.

1. Fish Pellets

Fish pellets are excellent fish food for your home aquarium. Some are designed to float in water while others sink to let fish eat properly. The best part is that fish pellets have a longer shelf-life and keep your fish pet healthy and happy.

2. Fish Flakes

These are also favourite food among home-grown fish. You can sprinkle in your aquarium and it can float for a longer period and slowly sink to the bottom. These are preferred for community fish tank that has diverse species.

3. Powdered Food

This is an excellent food option for baby fry in your aquarium. You can feed your cute, little and sensitive fish fry and give them enough nutrition. All you need to do is to sprinkle it into the tank or mix it water before feeding.

4. Sinking Wafers

These are come in tablets or wafers form that slowly sink to the bottom and softens over time. Sinking waters undeniably provide great source of protein to catfish.

5. Freeze Dried Fish Food

These are natural fish food that has high levels of protein and great for ominvores and carnivores. These common include blood worms, brine shrimp, plankton, krill, etc.

You can search for different species of fish in Melbourne and keep them as pet in your aquarium. Make sure you feed them the right amount and type of food for their best health.


This guide will help you choose the right type and quality of food for fish. It is good to take care of your fish and other live plants in aquarium.

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